Involvement is a Bad Boyfriend: Admissions of a Recovering Hyper-Achiever

Involvement is a bad boyfriend,

The kind who calls in the form of officer positions.

Sometimes the receiver is silent because I was passed over.

Then, he calls.

Only the date is draining, is too many hours,

Is nothing I thought it would be.

I feel like a hamper for his needs, just filling and filling me until I overflow.

My relationship with involvement makes me a canvas for commentary.

And some days, my affair is villified.

Others, Bae and I are everyone’s “relationships goals”.

My bad boyfriend is pretty on the outside.

He’s tempting, boosts my ego, and bears the bells and whistles.

He is a conversation piece, social butterfly, and sometimes he can be really sweet.

Involvement monopolizes my social media posts.

I’m way more into him than he is into me.

I stalk his Insta, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter,

Hell, I even go on his LinkedIn for a feeble acknowledgement in his universe!

But he reserves no spaces for me.

I was the one who reorinented her landscape for the beautiful sight of him.

It’s his interior that’s lonely and sour.

My bad boyfriend doesn’t love me back,

Doesn’t see how he is a larger priority in my own life than I am,

Makes me cry over silly things because he has consumed so much of me I don’t know where I end.

And he won’t notice when I Ieave because he’ll be too busy seducing an unsuspecting freshman.

He never had a problem attracting new paramours to a toxic romance.

Involvement is my bad boyfriend—

My main squeeze who squeezes too hard,

Called a Boo because sometimes one day, he’ll be a ghost in my memories.

But like all relationships,

It’s not all bad.

Involvement is growth, connection, daring greatly, and failing spectacularly.

Involvement is an experience, not a life.

Do not mistake involvement for love,

Awards for worth,

Or title for self.

You will laugh over past sobs when involvement broke your heart,

And warmly reflect on happy times you shared with involvement.

So, Bridget Jones incarnates who inhabit the Union,

The sleep deprived social butterflies slaving for pride’s sake,

Involvement is everyone’s bad boyfriend.


You will survive involvement and realize it was never about “winning” the break up.

It was always about moving on.

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