I Hope You Know (Uncelebrated Wonder)

I hope you know you’re special,

And yeah, we all are,

But this poem is for you,

Not for the many mused names in book dedications,

Not for famous.

But for you.

I hope you know how the universe hung the stars around you,

Hanging lanterns to guide you home.

I hope you know

That the moon is your personal gemstone in the sky.

The Grand Canyon envies your depths,

The Great Pacific shrinks in your presence,

And your smile illuminates the earth.

You might doubt me,

Reduce yourself.

I urge you to take up space,

Rule the things already bowing to you,

And carry that sunshine crown like the royalty you are.

Like I said,

This poem is for you,

And while this dedication is black and white,

Others salute you in raised goosebumps,

Blushed cheeks,

And unbridled laughter.

So for you,

My uncelebrated wonder,

I hope you know you’re special,

That lightening bugs soar at the sight of you.

Your spirit is the wealth of the heavens,

And I just hope you know

How special you are.

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