We Weren’t Always Strangers

In the stale kisses, tasting like leftovers on your lips,

Concern loomed.

And in our clasped hands, we held the doubt we were too cowardly to share

Little by little, we shared less.

Our lives split like Pangea,

Into separate continents we formed,

Our climates no longer compatible for one another,

they bred tropical storms in contact.

So we connected less,

Concealed more.

Resounding conversations eroded into small talk on deaf ears.

I used to feel like I came from your rib—

That my side fit perfectly into yours.

But we are not puzzle pieces.

Love is not the security of a confined space.

I don’t know what the strategic interactions of ours were, but it wasn’t love.

Wasn’t dedicated, enduring, demanding of a full heart.

The sum of ourselves wasn’t built for that.

I knew it was over when having the courage to say goodbye felt like an anthem,

When I realized your presence was not my oxygen,

That we were never each other’s halves

Because I am whole.

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