Not Like That

You marvel at me,

And I swear,
Your eyes look the same while watching fireworks.



You clap for thoughts of mine that have only known crickets.
And I wonder what kind of moth you are to be so drawn to a flame as ravenous as this one.

What I’m trying to say is that I know you love me.
I love you too,

But not like that.

Love– just not like that.
Love, license to support each other’s ambitions.
Love, bond without judgement or shame.
Love: a profound friendship.

We’ve all crouched in the unrequited,

Tried to turn crossed fingers into hearts,

Mortgaged expectations on the maybe of attraction.

But you cannot make a fire when one person has no matches for you to burn,

When the chemistry is all warm but nothing flammable.

I do not lie when I tell you that you are worthy of bonfires.

I do not lie to you when I say I’m not the her you’re seeking.

I am telling you that you deserve more than the fickle fireflies I serve you.

Wait for a woman who carries a thousand torches in your direction.

Together, light the world ablaze.

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