Love works like this

No one is ever yours.

You are not the keeper of a spirit,

nor the jailer of a soul.

You get to love people,

You have the divine privilege of adoring them.

In doing that,

Loving someone (anyone),

you love everyone who has ever loved that person.

Even when you don’t like their family, their friends, their colleagues,

When your eyes roll at family reunions and every work occasion is met with a groan,

you love everyone

who guided this person to you,

their affection fed your Paramore long enough to find you.

No one met you singlehandedly.

Everyone in this life has been cradled by others.  Our footsteps forward are signatures that we have been loved so much it propels us to other good things.

Friends and family and teachers and mentors–

each a votive

who lit the way and led them into your arms.

One thought on “Love works like this

  1. YOU HAVE DEFINITIONS LIKE AN OLD WISE DICTIONARY. I’m amazed, you’re young, yr face shows no years that wisdom needs for blossuming/ most think that love,precious love, can forever be a foggy mystery (& maybe a bumpy road in it) Fine job, ms McGrath, impressive. g.r.


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