Month: March 2022

The biggest hope for me

At the end of my life,

I hope to astound God by

how much I loved and was loved.


Maybe maturity is repeatedly choosing not to suffer when vindication or pity or righteousness are so tempted.

Maturity became appealing when I understood it as a flow instead of ascending in a tower built by accomplishments, age, milestones, an inventory of trauma and humility unblended into the edification of everything else. Progressive living is the opposite of those things. I thought that I had ti climb to be real, that doing made me. Turns out, this is all that there is. I an already made, already real, and the process of surviving time is divesting from some ideal future and grounding into now without allow it to destroy or define me.


You know they’re wrong for you when their presence pries the self-love out of you

Has you putting their attention over your confidence.

The right one/ the right time… it wont feel like that.