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The Anti-racist Cheat Sheet

Resources for white people to educate themselves on anti-racism.

Things that will not save me: A List

  1. Niceness
  2. Shrinking myself — I will forever be taking up too much space
  3. My Silence
  4. Complacency
  5. Settling
  6. False Authenticity
  7.  Keeping myself at a distance to protect me
  8. Normalizing my abusers
  9. Normalizing my abuse
  10. Being Cool
  11. Being anything other than my grittiest self
  12. Settling for half-hearted affection
  13. Believing I am less-than
  14. Trying to win others over
  15. Convincing myself I am ok living a life without a nucleus
  16. Wearing the shame society purchased for me
  17. Buying into shaming
  18. Buying into perfection
  19. Sacrificing myself at the altar of my own ego
  20. Anyone else but me